Sustainable bull 2023
We breathe, eat, excrete, sleep, and wake up. The hotel space, where people come and go on a daily basis, is a symbol of circulation.
There are hunting trophies on the walls.
It is a reminder of the root of a very simple cycle in which the death of another living being leads to our own life, and of the fact that we are part of it, however, it somehow becomes a token symbol when it passes through the filter of Japan.
Japan is a country where the dichotomy between "symbol of the cycle of life" and "mere wall decoration with no substance" coexist.
The world is now preoccupied with the SDGs, but originally things are just temporary containers, and we are part of them as well. Things are forced to be sustained forced by being like it.
Is what we are doing really sustainable, or is it just life-prolonging treatment that just pretends to be sustainable?
Materials: extra wool, linen, cotton, pigment, thread, water-soluble thread
@Hilton TOKYO
「サステナブルブル」 2023
素材: 余った毛糸、麻、わた、顔料、刺繍糸、水溶糸
@Hilton TOKYO