Naoya DOI
Contemporary package Artist
Naoya Doi worked at a fashion design company as a modelist, where he honed his production skills and employed pattern-cutting techniques. Drawing on this experience, he engaged in deconstructing and reconstructing objects to visualize their 'temporary' states, contemplating the value and essence of each item.
In his work, the primary theme revolves around presenting a relative world within the context of a container. This perspective unfolds through the transition process, observing the shift from something to nothing and vice versa. His exploration begins with the ambiguity inherent in things.
Doi observes that people often judge objects based on their surfaces, and if those surfaces were dismantled, understanding the object becomes challenging. By deliberately rearranging and attributing meaning to these deconstructed elements, he prompts viewers to reconsider their recognition and imagination. The inherent ambiguity and blurriness of things stem from each viewer's specific image, forming a collection of diverse perspectives.
Deconstructing the initial image leads to creating a new image, and this conceptual nested structure continues through a continuous process of deconstruction and reconstruction. This iterative approach expands not only our thinking but also our physicality. Naoya Doi explores these concepts in his artistic practice, unveiling the interconnected layers of perception and creation.
Born in Hokkaido in 1984. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, he went to England after working as a pattern cutter. From his inferiority complex for the language that he experienced in his life in the UK, he researched the ambiguity and credibility of "things". After returning to Japan, he continued to present mainly in Tokyo. 2020 d-OCO studio founded.

Solo exhibition
2023 Packaged animals |
 Hilton Tokyo(Tokyo)
2022 "New" infinity flame / A package of the world |
2021 A package of the immunity / Sage's robe | JR tower ART BOX (Sapporo)
2020 "New" Package of RED STAR | Free Information Gallery (Sapporo)
2020 gallery neo × Gallery KINGYO joint project Vol.3 "Borrow and wear "New" clothing of the tiger" | GALLERY KINGYO (Tokyo)
2017 Transition | GALLERY GALLERY ( Kyoto)

Group Exhibition
2024 -After clothing- | Hilton Tokyo (Tokyo)
2024 Fiber art "Saiko" exhibition | 
Galerie Aube (Kyoto)

2022 EARTH+GALLERY 10th anniversary exhibition "Shape of Coexistence" |
2019 Sanada Juku 16th Anniversary Exhibition | AXIS Gallery (Tokyo)
2018 MONSTER exhibition | Hikarie (Tokyo)
2018 Conceptual Clothing Exhibition | Gallery 5610 (Tokyo)
2016 Pop-up Textile Exhibition | CYCU Shibuya (Tokyo), Transparent Park ( Taipei)
2016 Makers at Menier Gallery | Menier Gallery (London), etc.
Art Festival
2022 TSUKUBA art cycle project | Tsukuba
2018 KODAMA art festival | Saitama

2024 Al-tiba9 Contemporary art ARTIST DIRECTORY
1984年北海道生まれ。桑沢デザイン研究所卒業後、企業パタンナーを経て渡英。目に見える相対的な事象に対して、パラドキシカルな本質を見出し、新しい入れ物として制作している。 パターンカッティングの技術によって、オブジェを解体・再構築することで、「仮」の状態を可視化し、物事の価値や本質について考察、制作している。

2023 いれものいきもの | Hilton Tokyo(東京)

2022 新・無限のフレーム | 世界の入れ物 | EARTH+GALLERY(東京)
2021 免疫の入れ物 / 賢者のローブ | JR tower ART BOX(札幌)
2020 新・赤星の入れ物 | Free Information Gallery (札幌)
2020 gallery neo × GalleryKINGYO共同プロジェクトVol.3「新・虎の衣を借りて着る」| GALLERY KINGYO(東京)
2017 Transition | GALLERY GALLERY(京都)


2024 衣服のゆくえ | Hilton Tokyo(東京)
2024 ファイバーアートサイコー | 
Galerie Aube(京都)
2022 EARTH+GALLERY10周年記念展『共存のかたち』EARTH+GALLERY(東京)
2019 眞田塾16周年記念展 | AXIS Gallery(東京)
2018 MONSTER Exhibition | ヒカリエ(東京)
2018 「概念+衣服」展 | ギャラリー5610(東京)
2016 飛び出すテキスタイル展 | CYCU渋谷(東京)、透明公園(台北)
2016 Makers at Menier Gallery | Menier Gallery(ロンドン)など
2022 つくばアートサイクルプロジェクト | つくば
2018 こだま技術祭 | 埼玉


2024 Al-tiba9 Contemporary art ARTIST DIRECTORY