Naoya DOI
Contemporary package Artist
"When we see a thing, we instantly try to figure out what it is and think that the thing has its essence, but things are made by many layers named" recognition "of us humans. Or, in fact, there is nothing in the center (essence). It can be said that we are looking at a temporary surface. The things that exist around us are just a PACKAGE. "
Doi discovers the paradoxical essence of visible relative things and creates them as a new package. He makes full use of pattern-cutting techniques to deconstruct and reconstruct things to visualize the "temporary" state and question the essence of things. He mainly uses cloth as a material for printing and pattern cutting and does everything from artwork to performance.

Born in Hokkaido in 1984. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School, he went to England after working as a pattern cutter. From his inferiority complex for the language that he experienced in his life in the UK, he researched the ambiguity and credibility of "things". After returning to Japan, he is continuing to present mainly in Tokyo. 2020 d-OCO studio founded.

Solo exhibition
2022 "New" infinity flame / A package of the world
2020 "New" Package of RED STAR / Free Information Gallery (Sapporo)
2020 gallery neo × Gallery KINGYO joint project Vol.3 "Borrow and wear "New" clothing of the tiger" / GALLERY KINGYO (Tokyo)
2017 Transition / GALLERY GALLERY ( Kyoto)

Group Exhibition
2022 EARTH+GALLERY 10 years anniversary exhibition "Shape of coexistence"
2019 Sanada Juku 16th Anniversary Exhibition / AXIS Gallery (Tokyo)
2018 MONSTER exhibition / Hikarie (Tokyo)
2018 Conceptual clothing Exhibition / Gallery 5610 (Tokyo)
2016 Pop-up textile exhibition / CYCU Shibuya (Tokyo), Transparent Park ( Taipei)
2016 Makers at Menier Gallery / Menier Gallery (London), etc.
Art Festival
2022 TSUKUBA art cycle project / Tsukuba
2018 KODAMA art festival / Saitama

土井は、目に見える相対的な事象に対して、パラドキシカルな本質を見出し、新しい入れ物として制作している。 パターンカッティングの技術によって、オブジェを解体・再構築することで、「仮」の状態を可視化し、物事の価値や本質について考察、制作している。


2022 新・無限のフレーム / 世界の入れ物
2020 新・赤星の入れ物 / Free Information Gallery (札幌)
2020 gallery neo × GalleryKINGYO共同プロジェクトVol.3「新・虎の衣を借りて着る」/ GALLERY KINGYO(東京)
2017 Transition / GALLERY GALLERY(京都)


2022 EARTH+GALLERY10周年記念展『共存のかたち』
2019 眞田塾16周年記念展/ AXIS Gallery(東京)
2018 MONSTER Exhibition/ヒカリエ(東京)
2018 「概念+衣服」展/ギャラリー5610(東京)
2016 飛び出すテキスタイル展/ CYCU渋谷(東京)、透明公園(台北)
2016 Makers at Menier Gallery / Menier Gallery(ロンドン)など
2022 つくばアートサイクルプロジェクト / つくば
2018 こだま技術祭 / 埼玉