A package of the "NEW" RED STAR 2020
It can be said that the fictional creatures reconstructed from the dismantling of RED STAR are containing RED STAR.
This clothing for the RED STAR creature can be for humans as well. To wear this clothing means to explore the whereabouts of the pioneering spirit. Wearing a package of symbols of the pioneer. The blood of pioneering in me as a contemporary package artist suddenly begins to dance.

This work was inspired by the site of the gallery, which was the former clock tower in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
RED STAR was a symbol of the Hokkaido Development Commission. When the Hokkaido Development Commission was established in 1896 (Meiji 2), RED STAR was devised as a flag (symbol mark) to be hung on the ship by Suejiro Ebisu, who was the captain of the ship for the development commission at that time. For sailors, the motif of Polaris was a natural compass.
It can be seen that the motif of the North Star, which is the immovable point was a symbol of our ancestors who have a clear intention of pioneering.
Materials: linen, calico, puff binder, pigment, cotton, thread
新・赤星の入れ物 2020

素材: 麻、シーチング、顔料、綿、刺繍糸