A medicine of purification 2018
Exhibited at KODAMA art festival in Saitama, JAPAN. This building was a long-established rice store, but it went bankrupt by the lack of rice because of the cool summer in 1993.
After that, this building had been abandoned for 20 years for any use.
When I visited in there, the air stagnated as if it was affected by illness as a negative heritage.
I administered medicine to take this stagnation away. Active ingredient dissolves out from a capsule and represents this space in a completely different shape.
It became a God of purification and purified this stagnant space.
Materials: cardboard, calico, puff binder, pigment, staple
浄化の薬 2018


素材: ダンボール、シーチング、発泡バインダー、顔料、ステープル