A man who borrows the clothing of a “NEW” tiger



This skeleton shape which comes from the surface of the tiger face looks real creatures Skelton (of course not). I tried to fresh out to this skeleton and made a "NEW" tiger. Further, I made clothing for this NEW tiger. Participants can borrow and wear this clothing.
A package of this fictional creature can be real clothing, but also can be fake clothing. This clothing generates Paradox which contains "pack" and "unpack" at the same time. Participants who wearing this clothing will seek the existence of this fictional creature.
Think about wearing clothing that does not exist... Feel dizzy?

Materials: linen, calico, puff binder, pigment, cotton, thread


オブジェの解体から再構築される、フィクションの生物のための入れ物は、リアルでフェイクな衣服となり、 「包む」と「包まない」を同時に含むというパラドックスを生む。


素材: 麻、シーチング、顔料、綿、糸