Brave insect shirt



I am timid like an insect. I have sensitive feelings with regard to sound, mood or atmosphere. As I find it harder and harder to live in modern society, it is important to feel everything, sensitively, to protect myself. This insect's feeler can be a sensitive receptor as an antenna to escape from something and it can be a horn to protect from something as well.
This project therefore focuses on sound, because of my sensitivity to particular sounds and a desire to try to understand how people feel human or object's indication from hearing or another way. I came across my condition whilst researching, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). The American psychologist Elaine Aron discovered HSP. According to Aron, HSP have particular characteristics such as being easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics, or sirens nearby and so on.
Nevertheless, my feeling is to try to relate to society and people by representing an insect like shirt. A shirt is a symbol of sociality, however it seems just like an insect's shell as well. It is an unfinished existence, smaller than a human and bigger than insect. I am timid as a human, but I am brave as an insect.

Materials: Wool, Cotton



素材: ウール、コットン